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Himalayan Salt Chip Basket Lamp 2-3KG

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Handmade in Punjabi, Pakistan

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Size: Approx- H:17cm – 2-3KG weight

Benefits associated with Himalayan Salt Lamps:

1. Cleanse & Deodorize the air
2. Reduce Allergy & Asthma symptoms
3. Ease Coughing
4. Increase Energy Levels
5.Neutralize Electromagnetic Radiation
6. Better Sleep
7. Improve Mood & Concentration
8. Treats Seasonal Affective Disorder
9. Reduce Static Electricity in the air
10. Environmentally Friendly Light Source



Soothing, natural & attractive lighting that looks beautiful in any room. Great night light, perfect for those who need help to get to sleep. Beautiful ambient lighting that doesn’t cost the Earth!

We at Mama Bear Boho care passionately about protecting the environment. That’s why our salt lamps come with LED light bulbs as these cut electricity consumption, carbon emissions and energy bills by 90% or more while giving just as much light. The bulbs last longer because they do not overheat.

Indicative savings (UK 2017): For a large salt lamp left on 24 hrs a day, switching from tungsten to LED light bulbs could reduce bills by as much as £45 per year.

Himalayan salt is rock salt or halite formed 250 million years ago in what is now the Punjab region of Pakistan.

Impurities and trace minerals in the salt give the lamps their characteristic pink and red colourations.

**Fair Trade** Made in Pakistan

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